Collector 4: Brittany Andrews, The

Released at: January 10, 2019 by Bizarre Entertainment
Once upon a time in a dungeon far away lived a lengendary Master of domination, a connoisseur of exquisite submissive perfection, an ambassador or humiliation, know as, "The Collector". He and his evil apprentice, Master Thomas, wield infinite wealth & power, to demand total submission over any slave they choose. Searching for perfection and never being satisfied, The Collector is filled with rage and deep frustration towards his beautiful possessions. In this edition of The Collector, the cock teasing stuck up big titted blond, Brittany Andrews, is taken from a bitch with an attitude to a fucking pig slave. Her training begins when she accosts her employee in the presence of The Collector. After being stripped naked she is taught to properly lick balls, suck cock and swallow cum. The sense of her transformation is furthered when she is bound, gagged, pussy fucked and her asshole stuffed with a ponytail butt plug. Brittany is taught humility by learning to respond properly to her new master, washing his feet with her tongue and getting a thorough ass fucking. Her training is completed when she is labeled a slave pig and realizes what she has become.

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