Color Climax 6 - Wife Swappers

Released at: July 10, 2014 by HotOldmovies
Number 6 from Color Climax Ernst Schmidt, barrister-at-law, was in high spirits when he welcomed his staff of his office to his luxurious home. In appreciation of a year's good work he had invited them all, with their friends to a cocktail party, as he took in the many pretty faces, his spirits rose in proportion to their loveliness. During the height of the party the otherwise very correct lawyer was to prove himself to be quite the womanizer and ardent lover, easily holding his own with the younger men, and doing his utmost to turn the party into a frantic orgy. And it was as though the women were at one with him, relishing this opportunity to try some extra-marital sex. In an abandon of lust they swapped partners, greedily gamming the rearing cocks, and generally screwing and fucking with untiring energy. Through the keyhole Gino the footman watched these goings-on and inspired by the sight of the screwing couples, proceeded to shaft the voluptuous maid. A truly inspiring film.

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