Commanded Lust

Released at: September 14, 2017 by Bizarre Entertainment
Scene 1 THREE TO MAKE A MAN CUM RIGHT Welcome to another fantasy as lucky George enjoys the sexual attentions of three horny women and tries his best to help them enjoy their time with him and the strap-on! Soon it is a sweaty all-orifice encounter that will have you hard as granite while enjoying each pussy plunging, ass pumping moment. In the finale George pulls out of Krystal's ass and sprays all three girls with a generous portion of his hot love cream! Scene 2 PUSSY TO MOUTH PARTY Simony and Florancia were getting down to some lusty lesbian loving when Thomas turned up with a strap on dildo for them to play with. Soon he was joining in with the girls for one heck of a hot threesome! Soon the pussy and ass pumping action is escalating as Simony rides Florancia whilst receiving a length of man meat herself. With plenty of PTM and ATM thrown in to keep it all slick, wet and tasty. The girls end by slurping and jerking until Thomas spurted thick wads of hot, bittersweet cum all over the their faces! Scene 3: HER ORAL APOLOGY Sometimes a secretary's mistake can lead to her unforeseen pleasure! Case in point, Milana Fox, who accidentally spills coffee onto the lap of her boss, Eric Hard. As she apologizes and attempts to wipe the front of his slacks, she discovers his enormous endowment within, and it doesn't take long before she's got it in her hands and sucking merrily. The wild girl kneels before his huge tool and does her best to make Mr. Hard forget her clumsiness, and remember her oral virtuosity instead. She also demonstrates her capabilities in serving up her pussy cowgirl and doggie style! Maybe Milana should just stick to sex instead of stenography Scene 4: GIRLS WANT BOYS & TOYS Marcus Dupree and Lindsey Olsen give a gift of a strap-on dildo to Bonnie Shai. Then leave her alone to get acquainted with it. She also has a purple vibe, which she can cram in her pussy. Marcus and Lindsey return so that Lindsey can suck the strap-on then get fucked by it doggie style by Bonnie, while she sucks on Marcus's woody. A shift in positions puts Marcus behind Bonnie, boffing her while she continues to bang Lindsey with the strap-on. Then Lindsey sucks both the strap-on and Marcus's real meat. It all builds up to Lindsey getting ass-fucked by Marcus while she rides with her pussy on Bonnie's strap-on boner. Scene 5: STROKING SAUNA SOLES Jasmine Jae shares a sauna with her friend Ryan Ryder and discovers he has a bit of a foot fetish, once he gets a gander at her size 8.5 feet with their rich sparkly purple toenail polish. The lucky guy gets right into toe sucking as the foot worship action heats up hotter than the sauna! Jasmine's mouth has hunger for his cock, so she blows his big dick while she presents her feet close up! Next she lays back to give Ryan foot-job pleasure, after which he puts his face between her legs for cunny licking. Jasmine sits over him and strokes his meat with her feet, then rides his dick cowgirl style while she curls her toes and wrinkles her soles. Finally she gives him a final foot stroke-off that ends with a creamy mess all over her toes and insteps, which she licks up with a smile.

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