Connie's Last Video

Released at: July 13, 2021 by Hot Clits
Dr. Carl, the Dentist, tells Connie she needs some cavities filled immediately. Since she can't afford to pay for the dental work, Dr. Carl offers to do the work for free, if she will fuck him three times. What a nice guy! Plus, he can tax deduct the "Free Dental Work." He takes Connie upstairs to his bedroom and he eats her pussy and her asshole. She sucks on Carl. They get on the bed and 69. Cal loves eating out her ass. He fucks her and after a long session, sticks it up her asshole. She can't take it for long, so Carl pulls out and cums in her mouth. I am very sad to say that after almost 100 XXX videos, Connie has decided to quit the Adult Video Business. This is her LAST video. - Carl Hubay

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