Coochie Cutters (Chicks In Short Shorts)

Released at: September 3, 2017 by Mr. Skin
Who wears short shorts? The women on this playlist wear short shorts--and not much else. Skinjoy! **Laura Harring** and **Naomi Watts** get topless and get lez-tastically intimate in Mulholland Drive, **Bijou Phillips** teases some lower lippage in Bully, **Leticia Dolera** dishes out her topless treats in Semen: una historia de amor, **Nina Kate** and **Jacquelina Cardinale** shake their hips, bare their tits, and share a smooch in Alpha House, **Mindy Robinson** racks out in The Haunting of Whaley House, **Erica Cox** shows all three B's in Bitten, **Kari Russell** teases some wet see-through in Eight Days a Week, **Myles Hernandez** makes with the T&A in First Time, **Jenae Altschwager** gets topless on stage in Stripper Academy, **Susana Traverson** strips down to show all three B's in Camarero nocturno en Mar del Plata, **Michelle Bauer** and **Karen Russell** show off their suck sacks in Dr. Alien, **Tara Strohmeier** bares boobage while lying in a hammock in Hollywood Boulevard, **Loletta Lee** makes with the mams and a little bit of bush in Girls Unbutton, **Ruby Larocca** yanks down her shorts to tease her ass cheeks in Skin Crawl, **Cécile De France** tease fanny while emptying her bladder in Chinese Puzzle, **Keri Russell** teases some wet see-through in Eight Days a Week, **Pamela Anderson** shows nothing in Baywatch, **Jennifer Connelly** strips down to her bra in House of Sand and Fog, **Drew Barrymore** teases next to nothing while shooting a gun in Guncrazy, **Anna Paquin** struts through the park in A Walk on the Moon, **Rose McGowan** teases a whole bunch of nothing in Devil in the Flesh, **Eva Mendes** thrills some dudes in her skimpy clothes in Stuck on You, **Kirsten Baker** bounces while she jogs in Friday the 13th Part 2, **Michelle Trachtenberg** shows nothing while sunbathing in Beautiful Ohio, **Nicollette Sheridan** makes car washing sexy in Desperate Housewives, **Amy Jo Johnson** shows nothing while doing the splits in Without Limits, and **Jessica Simpson** shows off her bikini top-clad body in The Dukes of Hazzard. These celebrity babes in short shorts will get you long and hard!

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