Cougar's Prey 6

Released at: July 27, 2011 by Reality Junkies
**2012 AVN Award Nominee for Best MILF Release.** Seasoned seductress' practice their craft on some young meat to make them feel youthful once again! They are good at what they do and it works like a charm every time! After being blown off by her boy toy, Ava desperately tries to find a quick fill-in and fast. Fed up with getting attitude from her son's friend, Nina decides to teach him a lesson he'll never forget. Super nanny Tanya has her work cut out for her with her latest client. Ariella's daughter brings her boyfriend home to meet mom. Lucky for her, the two are already well acquainted. Nicki's patient has been having some graphic dreams that she very much wants to anal-yze in detail. These guys are all Cougar's prey: And this is about real life scenarios involving the top porn stars!

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