Cream Pie 75

Released at: April 6, 2012 by Homegrown Video
The freshest and hottest pussy in town has arrived, full to the brim! This edition of Cream Pie will leave you satisfied and drained and these young women full! Four hot new pieces of ass will do anything it takes for a deeply injected batch of batter! Kendra is a busty blonde MILF woman who is eager to jump her husband Ken's dong. She unzips his pants and strokes his meat before he pushes her down to suck her sweek blonde pussy. Ken slips his cock in a starts to fuck her doggy-style. Kendra then whips out a bigol' vibe, and pushes it into her clitty as Ken rams her. He soon fills his wife's tight snatch with his bubblin' cum. Addy & Proxy - Lucy Tony watches as tow hot blonde coeds make out in his kitchen. Not to be left out, he joins the two babes as pussies are licked and his cock sucked. The threesome heads to the bedroom to fuck proper. They go at it hot and heavy. No creampie, but fucking hot! Shay is a sexy coed with long blond hair. her boyfriend David holds a video camera while Shay fucks him reverse cowgirl-style. She then slups down his dick to get him nice and wet before mounting up again for more fucking. Finally Shay's tight pussy milks his cock, and David spills his seed into her twat - only to have it ooze all over the sheets!

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