Creative Smoking

Released at: May 22, 2012 by Bob's Videos
In 1996 Bob's Videos, ~~Coherent Light~~ and ~~Up In Smoke~~ pioneered a new and creative genre of adult film... the smoke fetish. Bob is STILL producing the finest in smoke erotica. Every model I work with has her own method of smoking, yet some really stand out as having a unique style. Livia is clearly different. Not only is her technique different, but she rolls her own smokes in order to avoid the chemicals in prepackaged cigs. This cute blonde is planning a garage sale, but not a lot of work gets done once she starts rolling. You get to watch her prepare, have a lesson in how to roll and hear her tell you all about her smoking history as she also shows off plenty of eye candy. Angel Cummings has a challenge... smoke 4 different brands...and she accepts the dare with joy. A Capri, More, Marlboro and Sherman all disappear, amid her Jacuzzi, the pool and waterfall and patio... as she smokes, purrs sexy talk to you and gets herself off in a very satisfying way.

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