Crimson Nights

Released at: August 27, 2011 by Seduction Cinema
****Recommended For Rental**** A plague of sexually charged vampirism stalks the streets of New York, and no one is safe from its contamination. Susan has been recently turned, and she must pass the curse on to a fresh victim to insure its rampant human infiltrations. Seducing her boyfriend Burt to the point of exhaustion with a voluptuous body and an unholy mouth that crave pleasures of the flesh, Susan delivers the final undying kiss. A vampire himself now, Burt hunts for his meal, and he ends up in the bed of the sex-starved jasmine. Amidst their steamy lovemaking, Burt put the bite on her, and another monster is born. Jasmine ravishes Kate body and soul, and on and on and one by one the sensual bloodlust is spread as prey becomes predator - victim becomes vanquisher. Eroticism has never been so sinful nor so sinister, and the lives of ten people will forever be charged on this crimson night.

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