Crystal Dawn's Anal Playground

Released at: January 17, 2005 by Alpha Blue Archives
Crystal Dawn was a delicious little blonde who made a name for herself as one of the first pornstars to regularly indulge in Ass Fucking and DP's. A dazzlingly pretty young woman, Crystal Dawn sported an all-natural collection of soft curves. She was also one of the first porn starlets to don a tattoo, wearing a 'Free Rider' tattoo on her left arm. Her hardcore debut was a scorching scene in the 1978 classic Female Athletes. Over the next several years, Crystal strutted her sexy stuff in a string of white-hot sex films, making a name for herself as a true anal pioneer. This absolutely must-have collection includes more than a dozen of her rare, sizzling loop appearances that include: Two Cocks are Better, Schoolgirl Reaming, Ass Swapping, Cookie's Two-Way Treat, Hot Ass, From Ass to Ass and much more! Also starring Vanessa Del Rio and Ron Jeremy!

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