Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 20

Released at: July 22, 2013 by Roman Video
3 Sex Scenes! 3 Creampies! 3 Creampie Eating scenes! One Hot Busty Blonde wife! Britney Amber is a gorgeous blonde housewife. Kade is her nerdy geeky husband. He wanted a trophy wife and Britney was a good choice. Problem is, all Kade does is sit on his computer and cell phone all day. Bad idea when you've got a super hot big titted wife like Britney. One day lying by the pool Britney comes to a realization. She needs more than Kade's money. She wants BIG COCK. Looking over at the pool man, she comes up with an idea. She's going to fuck him. And if he's good, she's going to fuck him over and over and over. Britney invites the pool man into the kitchen and things get hot and heavy fast right there on the kitchen counter. As she screams in sheer orgasmic heaven, Kade walks in. He's shocked. His wife is fucking someone else. He wants to run away and not watch but Britney makes him. He needs a lesson in humility and he needs to see how Britney likes to get fucked. And that's not all. The pool man cums deep inside her pussy. Kade is horrified, but things get worse. Britney makes Kade eat the cum out of her pussy. She SHOVES HIS FACE INTO HER PUSSY getting him to eat out the cum. Kade resists but she is demanding and wants him sucking out the cum now! Kade is now a pathetic little cuckold and his humiliation is far from over. Britney makes Kade walk around the house wearing pantyhose and a chastity belt. Crushed and in despair, Kade's life is further destroyed when he walks in on Britney and the pool guy fucking again on the sofa. She makes him worship her pussy while she sucks her lover's cock. Now he is humiliated, feminized, in a chastity belt, and compelled to eat cum once more, this time a HUGE LOAD of cum! Some time passes, and Kade thinks its finally his turn to get some. Well... Not exactly... As Britney gets dressed with Kade's assistance, Kade is starting to feel like a man again. They'll go out, have some dinner, and then she'll take off this chastity belt and he'll get in an incredible 30 second sexual olympic session with her. Guess what. Not going to happen. Britney takes charge and her lover walks in and they begin fucking again in front of him and this time Dick pounds into her pussy so hard he blasts his THIRD and final load of cum deep into her pussy. Kade is compelled again to suck out this REAL MAN'S cum!

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