Cuntry Club, The

Released at: March 2, 2018 by City Girlz
Bragging about her new job making big bucks at the country club to her girl friend on the phone, a friend of her son arrives unexpectedly and tells her that, guess what, he works at the same club and saw her. Implied blackmail hits our working girl Sally and her fellow employee and friend of her son wants to sample the goods! But the look of hot lust in his eyes sends Sally into an all too eager disposition to satisfy not only him, but herself as well! Hard to tell who's doing the fucking and who's getting fucked in this scorching hot coupling! Sally makes sure he's able to give all the club members a really hot recommendation about her qualifications to satisfy them! A round of golf, a few drinks, a steak dinner and a hot fuck...I'll join that club and I don't golf! Features blackmail, interracial, bathing suit, hooker mom, country club hooker, big tits and cream pie!

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