Curse of Merlin's Castle, The

Released at: August 17, 1999 by Sunshine
In their pursuit of other worldly ends, three young women have been drawn to a castle that appears only during the full moon. Merlin has called to them in the night, and they have followed the path unprepared. But their true test is yet to come at the hands of Lady Ursula! All indentured servants on the run, the girls must first prove their worthiness to the lady, Merlin's consort and advisor, before going on to the real trial; that of proving their courage and fortitude in the castle dungeon. The Lady Ursula is a harsh and demanding woman. Beauty alone is not enough to gain one audience with the Master, and she knows that the chances of any of these girls passing the test is slim. So many before have failed. And these three? They dare to stand before her and snivel about the freedom they seek through Merlin! Don't they know they will only be trading one form of slavery for another? Merlin's dungeon is no place for the meek or faint of hear. One by one the weak are exposed and consequently dealt with. Is there one among them that will survive? One who will evolve beyond the closed circle of her present limited state of awareness? One who will serve the Immortal Master? If so, she will serve the Immortal Master? If so, she will have to get past Lady Ursula first.

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