Cute Little Babysitter 11, The

Released at: February 10, 2022 by New Sensations
Cute, little babysitters in need of father figures wreck homes to get what they want. Watch them use their tight, young holes to seduce family men for a taste of that daddy dick. Focused big tit blonde babysitter Kay lets herself in the house and heads directly to where Michael is changing upstairs and confesses she can longer fantasize about his cock inside her and since she knew the baby and his wife were out she had no choice but to make this a reality. Hesitant Michael gets shoved onto the bed and cock hungry Kay pulls his cock and starts sucking deep down her throat. Swollen cock Mike gets to enjoy her sweet pink pussy juices before sliding in his cock to satisfy Kay's hot wet pussy from the inside and covering her cute smiling face full of hot cum. Young big tit brunette babysitter Penelope was finishing up her overview of the day with Van and asked for him to just leave her pay in her purse. When she went off to the bathroom Van discovered her vibrator and asked if she could show him how she pleasures herself. Penelope asked him to hold it and it is even better with her pants off and spread wide in her cute wet panties. Now turned on she sucks his cock and slips his cock into her hot hungry pussy for a good fuck and a great load of cum shot across her pussy and belly. Tiny cute blonde babysitter Minxx was doing her thing at her employer Ramon's house in her panties and bra as he stood by and enjoyed the view. Surprised Minxx explains she was doing some laundry while she was cleaning and didn't expect him to be home so soon only because the laundromat is so expensive. Ramon gives the hint of maybe she can do some overtime and fuck his big cock as extra income and she loved and jumped at finally sucking and fucking his manly throbbing cock for a belly full of cum loads. Cute blonde babysitter Braylin came by the house to check in and Codey let her know everyone was out and she could stay and hang out for a bit. Braylin liked the idea and noticed Codey's hard cock in his pants as they chatted on the couch. With a trust agreement Braylin slowly got to stroke his meat and Codey got to enjoy her slip off her skirt and pink panties as his cock started dripping pre-cum as he took in her tight hot young body. Braylin let her shyness go as she started sucking on his cock deep and Codey enjoyed the taste of her sweet pink pussy before pounding her tight hot pussy and cumming all over her little blonde pussy and belly.

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