Cyber Discipline II

Released at: April 3, 2008 by Ohh Tee Kay
From The Desk Of Cecil B.: Our erstwhile Cyber spanker has been at it again, surfing he Internet spanking chat rooms. This time he has come upon that stunning beauty, Christine Carter. After a few times talking via the chat line, they gave agreed to meet for a session. This time he has decided to go all out and has rented a room at swanky hotel, complete with a fireplace, and ritzy ambiance. She shows up at the agreed upon time, and on taking off her coat we see she is really prepared. She has on this beautiful, sexy, pink lingerie outfit, and she looks as good as we would expect. After a few pleasantries are exchanged, they get right to it. This is a traditional over the knee session and is very hard. By the end she is beat red and purple from a very long, exciting, and extremely erotic spanking, and he even soothes her battered buns with a few very cold ice cubes. This has been one of the best experiences our cyber spanker has had, but was it real? You be the judge! And tune in for his next experience, which we are sure will be real soon.

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