Daddy Does It Better

Released at: November 18, 2021 by AMK Empire
Who else does it better than "Daddy"? No one does! Check out these amazing scenes featuring truly horny amateur step-daughters getting a healthy dose of "daddy's" cock fulfilling their deepest and darkest fantasies. Filmed in POV and getting up and close with each daughter as she sucks and fucks "daddy" creaming all over his cock and having him fill their pussies while mommy is away at work. Come see each amateur girl take it so deep and hard and hear them scream out "daddy"!

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Scene1: 00:01:28 - 00:31:58 (30:30)

Scene2: 00:32:06 - 01:09:10 (37:04)


Kiara Cole

Scene3: 01:09:17 - 01:53:03 (43:46)


Kate Bloom

Scene4: 01:53:12 - 02:31:45 (38:33)

Scene5: 02:31:53 - 03:05:23 (33:30)