Daddy's Darling Daughters

Released at: May 21, 2022 by VCX
...a diary in which he means to write one story but he writes another. And so it is with me my dear daughters. When I was very young man I wished to have five beautiful, wonderful daughters and what do I have? I have two stoned biker nymphomaniacs, one sadomasochistic queen, and you beautiful Doreen are the biggest fucking diesel dyke I've ever seen in my life so all I really have left is you are my last hope in this world... Nikki Charm lights up the screen as the beloved daughter whose birthday coincides with her ravenous desire to lose her virginity...catch a glimpse of a wildly dysfunctional family...DADDYS DARING DAUGHTERS is Paul Thomas at his absolute best. Terrific story, well acted, and amazing sex...pure classic.

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