Damsel In Distress 1038 - Dangerous Playground

Released at: April 8, 2021 by Red MILF Productions
Rachel did some mom-son role-playing in a private cam-show with a young man she had befriended online. Naked except for panties and an apron, wearing her hair in a pretty and demure style, she pulled out all the sexy stops to turn him on. She typed graphic taboo messages to him as his 'mom' equaled them with comments she made while looking mischievously into the camera. The man - going by the name of Christian - loved all of this. Always eager to please, Rachel left him in no doubt about how much his mom wanted his big hard cock. In her show she acted as if she was on fire with need for her son's cock. She fondled her big tits, rubbed her wet pussy, and bent over to tease Christian with a view of her naked, shapely butt. Next she produced a dildo, fixed it to the floor, removed her panties, lifted her apron, and sank her pussy on to it. Up and down she fucked herself - breathlessly horny, stroking her clit, arching her back, pushing out her exposed tits as pleasure thrilled through her. She did this toward the camera and with her back to it so that Christian could enjoy various views of her hot body as she got herself off. All the while, Rachel kept her mom-son dirty talk to him. Afterwards, Rachel was very happy and flushed - having cum twice. Naked now, she returned to chatting with Christian. The young man was delighted with the show she had given him, but he upset Rachel by asking her if they could meet up. He had pressed her about this in previous cam-shows, and she was beginning to grow tired of it. Choosing her words carefully so and not to offend him, she persuaded him to back off. In parting, she arranged another show with him in a week's time. She then went to take a shower - lathering up her delicious MILF figure while relaxing under the warm spray. For the next show, Rachel treated Christian to the sight of her rubbing her pussy on her couch. She wore sexy white lingerie and a cute and frilly little peignoir. Again her show was a hit with him. Unfortunately, Christian also kept on about wanting to meet Rachel. This time Rachel had had enough. She was beginning to feel that she had gotten tangled up with a delusional and obsessive stalker. In arguing with him, she got more and more angry until she decided to be done with Christian by blocking him. She then got up, stretched the tension out of herself (hotly straining her bra with her big tits in the process), and went for stiff drink to cool off. A month passed, and Rachel forgot all about Christian. Having found a new online friend (called Stefan), she started having cam-shows with him instead. One such occasion saw her performing in a bath tub. There she was in all her naked, big-titted glory, soaped up and horny as hell. She talked pure filth into the camera about how wet and fuck-hungry her pussy was - how she needed a big, hard cock shoved into it from behind. Rachel did not have any such thing on hand. She rubbed this passionately up and down her until she came hard. But even after this, she was still horny. On Stefan's messaging her that he was a virile young man, Rachel began telling him of her own son - the most virile young man she knew. She had had a sexual relationship with him, and the recollection of it caused her to caress her body hotly. The water shone on her sexy curves and brought them out. Taking hold of the shower-head again, she started fucking it between her big, glistening tits. But, while Rachel was caught up in her fun, a danger from outside was closing in on her. It was crazy Christian skulking about outside her house in search of an entry point. He had indeed been obsessed with Rachel, and now he had tracked her down. Having eventually found a way in, Christian sneaked around until he came upon Rachel straightening herself out after her show. She was still naked. As he watched her from a hidden spot, his eyes roved over her fine figure. Meanwhile, he rubbed his cock through his pants. Later, when Rachel went to her closet to put on some panties, he took the opportunity to enter her room and crawl underneath her bed. He lay there for a while - watching Rachel on her return. Having enjoyed the erotic ritual sliding some silk stockings on her long sleek legs, Christian stealthily got out from his cover and threw himself on Rachel on behind. He locked an arm about her neck, and clamped a strong hand over her mouth. Rachel's scream was cut off almost as soon as it began. Her efforts to struggled free were just as futile. She could not compete with the strength of her attacker. When he growled a threat to fatally harm her if she did not cooperate, Rachel became meek with fear. By now she could see Christian's face, but it meant nothing as she had never seen him before. From here on in, he used Rachel the way he had always dreamed of doing. Occasionally he manhandled and warned her in order to keep her motivated and obedient, but overall Rachel proved her surprisingly cooperative. She was, after all, a horny woman at heart. On seeing Christian's youth and the size of his cock, she could not help growing excited. First, while he sat on the edge of her bed with his pants down, she knelt before him and hungrily started sucking him off. For the longest time she treated him to the delights of her expert licking, kissing and deep-throating - a total oral experience that left him groaning and moaning with pleasure. Rachel event dirty-talked to him when her mouth was free - telling him in a soft voice how nice and big his cock was.

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