Damsel In Distress 1093 - She Did Not See It Coming

Released at: April 25, 2021 by Red MILF Productions
Spoiled young Eris was all alone in her parent's big house for the week. One afternoon she realized that she was late in getting ready for a night out with some friends. She rushed off to the bathroom, stripped naked, and climbed into the shower. Soon she was sensually lathering up her nubile, pert-titted body beneath its warm spray. While Eris was thus occupied, a masked burglar came prowling around her house. Stealthily, he pried open a patio door, then slipped inside and began to explore. In time he happened by the bathroom. Peeking in, he saw Eris. She had finished her shower, and was now stood near a mirror, brushing her hair. She wore nothing but a towel wrapped around herself. She had no idea that someone was watching her right then. As for the burglar, he burned with lust upon seeing such a sexy young woman as Eris. He forgot all about stealing, and turned his attention to fucking instead. A moment later, he was sneaking silently up behind her. The next thing Eris knew, a strong manly arm had wrapped around her torso - restraining her like a band of steel. At the same time, she felt a hand clamp down over her mouth. Fear and confusion possessed her. She tried to struggle free and to scream for help. But such efforts were in vain. She was overpowered, trapped, and helpless. Presently, the burglar told her to shut up and cooperate - or else. He then dragged her into a billiards room. His handling caused Eris to lose her towel. Naked, vulnerable, frightened, she cowered and whimpered in the presence of her unknown attacker. This show of distress did not gain her any mercy. More turned on than ever, the burglar made Eris kneel before him. Then he ordered her to pull his cock out of his pants and suck on it. Eris had no choice but to do so. For a long time, constantly wincing and sobbing, she was made to lick the stiff chunk of man-meat and to fuck her tight drawn lips up and down its length. Meanwhile, the burglar took great pleasure in verbally mocking and humiliating her. But Eris had a surprise for him shortly after. Discovering some deep-buried courage, she suddenly put up a fight. It was the only hope she had of stopping her ordeal before it got any worse. Unfortunately, the burglar was just too strong for her. He easily defeated Eris, then gagged her and bound her wrists together to prevent her causing any further trouble. Eris relented and told her tormentor to do what he pleased with her. Then, with increased urgency and determination, he made her get onto her hands and knees. Soon the room was filled with Eris' muffled whimpers as she had to endure the burglar fucking her from behind - ruthlessly leaving defenseless. And that was just the beginning for her. Still having plenty of energy left, eager to try Eris in another position, the burglar twisted her onto her back, pushed her legs apart, and started fucking her anew. The poor woman was besides herself by then. She sounded a medley of misery - of sobs, wails, whimpers and groans. She writhed her lovely, slender body like a prisoner upon a rack. Yet, sometimes, there were hints of fleeting enjoyment on her part. It would show as a grateful, breathy moan, or in the way she had arched her back and thrown back her head. However, there was nothing at all pleasurable about the ending. Rather she grimaced in horror as the burglar drew his cock from her pussy, brought it to her face, and blasted a load of hot creamy cum that drenched her lips and trickled into her mouth. It was deeply traumatic for Eris. She barely registered the smug taunts that the burglar made before going away. It was hard for her to believe what happened. One moment she had been looking forward to a party; now all she felt, is to recover.

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