Damsel In Distress 1127 - Wunder Woman Vs. Mastermind

Released at: May 6, 2021 by Red MILF Productions
Beautiful IADC agent Diana Prince was hard at work in her office when she received a phone call from the President of the United States. In tense tones, he spelled out his - and the country's - dilemma. A formidable underworld kingpin known as Mastermind was threatening to seize control of the Federal Government. He and his brilliantly organized mobster minions intended to detonate explosive devices at strategic points - unless all officials immediately surrendered. Conventional law-enforcement had been unable to locate Mastermind and put a stop to his evil plans. Thus, it now looked like a job for Wunder Woman. Could Diana Prince get her superheroine friend to help? - the President wanted to know. Of course she could! As soon as Diana had given the President a guarantee, she hung up, quickly stepped into a clear area in her office, and swirled around. With a crashing sound and a flash of light, and all of a sudden the reserved-looking Diana was transformed into the feisty, corseted Wunder Woman. From her office she raced off in search of Mastermind. Eventually, thanks to her superior skills and wits, she located his hidden headquarters and made her way inside. There she encountered an armed, tough-talking mobster called Bugsy. She advised him to step aside, but he chose to shoot at her instead. Wunder Woman calmly brushed off the leaden onslaught with her bullet-deflecting bracelets. A hand-to-hand fight then ensued. It was full of grappling and attempts to twist one another into harsh positions. Wunder Woman got the best of it. At one point she had Bugsy pinned to the ground, her hands clenched tight about his throat. A sly kick of his knee her away, and he got up and grabbed hold of her from behind. However, Wunder Woman soon put a stop to that. Two elbow blows to Bugsy's stomach and a neat ju-jitsu move left him on his back, out cold. Moments later, Mastermind's voice came over a loud-speaker. Mockingly, he told Wunder Woman that she had walked into a trap designed to make her prisoner so that she couldn't meddle in his plans. Little did she know it, but the room had filled up with gas while she had been fighting. Even as Wunder Woman tried to defy him, she started to cough and choke. Then she sagged to the floor and slowly succumbed to the gas's effect. When she woke up, she found herself in a large, empty room. Her strength-giving belt and lasso were gone, and she was wearing some kind of breathing mask. About her wrists were leather cuffs. They were attached to chains suspended to the ceiling. She felt herself stretched up and rendered helpless. Bugsy stood nearby, grinning. Suddenly, Mastermind came back on the loudspeaker, declaring that he wished to see Wunder Woman sexually humiliated. Bugsy took to the task gladly. While Wunder Woman groaned in confusion and distress, he violated her with a huge dildo. He put it down the top of her corset and aggressively fucking it between her lovely big tits. Next he shoved it in Wunder Woman's mouth. Its thick girth stretched wide her lips jaw as he worked it back and forth. At last, the long harsh treatment became so much that she again lost consciousness. This time she came to lying on a bed in a cozy chamber. Her panties had been removed her corset pulled down so that her pussy and her tits were fully exposed. Bugsy himself was naked - and ready for further fun with her. Wunder Woman decided to pretend docile cooperation in order to buy time and lower his guard. She satisfied Bugsy with an incredibly skilled and sensual blowjob that including plenty of licking and some deep-throating. While stroking him, she begged him to come over to her side of the law. Bugsy merely laughed at that. Wunder Woman then upped the quality of her cock-sucking even more. She gave him such a pleasuring (with a brief tit-fucking to boot) that he was briefly vulnerable to Wunder Woman's persuasions. However, he got a grip on himself and reasserted his control over Wunder Woman by subjecting her to a hard, doggy-style fuck. Though the Amazing Amazon grimaced and railed again her violator, she yet groaned from involuntary physical stimulation. But nothing could make her enjoy the final unpleasantness of having Bugsy blast his creamy hot load deep into her pussy. She sobbed and cursed him for what he had done. Buddy's response was to shut her up by making her wear the breathing mask again. After Wunder Woman had reluctantly inhaled the gas, Bugsy went over to a nearby couch and led down. He wanted to get some shut eye of his own before the hassle of dispatching Wunder Woman and dumping her in the Hudson river. It was major moment of careless. Happening to get up first, Wunder Woman was able to steal out of the chamber and find her strength-giving belt and Golden Lasso of Truth. When she came back to Bugsy, he was no longer a match for her. Easily she snared him in her lasso and made him tell her the access code to Mastermind's room. Then she judo chopped him out with a blow to neck and tied him up. Later, she would hand him over to the authorities. First, though, she had to take care of Mastermind! Catching the kingpin unawares, she trapped him too with her lasso, and made him tell her the whereabouts of the bombs. Following that, she hauled him off to face Justice. It had been a tough mission for Wunder Woman, but she had triumphed in the end - just as her alter-ego Diana Prince had assured the President. For the time being at least, America could once again breathe easy.

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