Damsel In Distress 1158 - The Dirtiest Politics

Released at: May 15, 2021 by Red MILF Productions
Rachel was the glamorous wife of a rising young Senator. Misty was their wholesome daughter. One day, in campaign season, the two women arrived home from the local country club where they had hosted a fundraising event on the Senator's behalf. No sooner had they settled down than Misty screamed in alarm. A masked and armed intruder was in the house! As the startled mother and daughter clutched each other for support, the intruder approached with menacing intent. Presently, in a low voice, he addressed them - declaring that he had come to see an older woman have sex with a younger one. He added that, for extra kink, he wanted the participants to be a mother and her daughter. In one hand he held a small camera. Always an astute woman, Rachel quickly understood that she and Misty were the victims of a plot hatched by the political party opposed to her husband. The intruder was merely their hired hand - a brute tasked with obtaining pictures of the mother and daughter involved in a scandalous act. These would then be used as leverage during the upcoming election. However, this knowledge was of no help to Rachel now. The intruder had her and Misty fully at his mercy, and he was clearly serious about carrying out his mission. When he ordered them to get started, Rachel made one desperate effort to push past him and escape with her daughter. Not only did the attempt fail miserably, but it only made the intruder more determined than ever. Barely keeping his anger in check, he commanded the mother and daughter to kneel down on a nearby rug immediately - or else. There he gagged both women and tied their hands behind their backs. Next he made Misty stand, and yanked her panties down to expose her pussy. To the trembling, reluctant Rachel, he gave the order for her to start licking it. Rachel duly did so - all the while suffering the deepest shame. In the meantime, the intruder took photos of the action using the little camera. Later, he made Misty lie on the rug and part her legs so that her mother could eat her out more thoroughly. A constant sound of whimpering and groaning could be heard coming from the pair. As for the intruder, he became more and more inventive with his photography. Lifting up Rachel's skirt, he snapped some shots of her bare thighs and stocking tops. Then he pulled her panty crotch aside and took pics of her naked pussy - even as her violated it with his greedy, probing fingers. Shortly after, he got the mother and daughter to stand, untied them, and made them strip down to their lingerie. Both women meekly cooperated, and Rachel took the occasion to appeal to the intruder for mercy. We'll do whatever you want, she said, as long as you don't harm us. This may have softened the intruder's manner, but it didn't sway him from his task. Over on the couch, he lay back and unzipped his boiler suit to expose his cock. Keeping his weapon pointed at Rachel and Misty, he told them to kneel down and suck him off. He added that they must act like they enjoyed what they were doing.

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