Damsel In Distress 1261 - Stepdaughter's Lesson

Released at: June 22, 2021 by Red MILF Productions
Misty went to her stepfather Jack's office while he was out. For some time she had been secretly using his computer to earn money broadcasting sexy webcam shows. Sitting at his desk, she first enjoyed an explicit chat with some guys where were watching her. Then she stood up and started modeling her outfit for them. It was a silk robe with a skimpy nightie underneath. Presently Misty shed the robe, pulled her pert breasts out of the nightie, and fondled them. Next she sat back down and parted her legs. She was not wearing any panties. With the webcam trained directly on her naked pussy, she started to play with herself. The action got her so excited that she forgot to be on the lookout for her stepfather. Too late she heard him approach his office. She yelped in surprise and managed to turn off the webcam, but that was all. Jack walked in and looked shocked. Then he got angry. His computer was for work purposes only. Misty's meddling with it could have serious repercussions for his business. While she tried to cover herself up, he scolded her for misusing his property and for chatting with strange men online. Misty protested that she had not done anything wrong, then nimbly slipped out of the office before her stepfather could get any madder. However, Jack was not about to let her off the hook. The next day he again confronted Misty and ordered her to straighten herself out - or else. He wanted her to get legitimate job and to start acting responsibly. But Misty ignored him. She continually didn't get up till 3 in the afternoon. Then she sneaked back into her stepfather's office where she broadcasted camshows in which she specialized in her dildo-fucking her pussy. All they netted her were a few measly dollars. In the meantime, Jack kept a close eye on his stepdaughter. When he figured out she was still using his computer, he decided to teach her a lesson that would put her off webcam shows for the rest of her life. This led to him contacting an employee of his whom he knew to be a sadistic lowlife. Jack told him a plan he had in mind, and bought his services with a large sum of money. The following afternoon he pretended to leave his stepdaughter home alone. Misty took advantage of his absence by moving his computer from his office and setting it up her own room for a special camshow. However, while Misty was doing this, two men wearing masks and coveralls entered house. They were Jack and his employee. Silently they prowled around until they located Misty's voice. Drawing near to her door, they peaked in and saw her posing before her webcam. She wore another skimpy nightie and was giggling as she showed off her legs and bare butt and exposed pussy to her viewers. Suddenly she heard a floorboard creak. Thinking it was her stepfather, she called out for him to go away. Instead, Jack and the employee suddenly burst in and seized her. Misty did not have time to get out of their way. In a dizzying rush of action, she found herself swept up in the arms of her disguised stepfather, then dragged over to her bed. All the while her webcam continued to run. Everything that happened, and everything that was going to happen, remained in frame. Misty's viewers were not sure if they were watching a real attack or a brilliantly staged piece of roleplay. What followed was a terrible sexual ordeal for her, all broadcast live. It began with Jack and his employee gagging and binding her so that she lay silent and helpless on her back. After a while they removed the gag and took turns fucking their big hard cocks into her mouth. Misty winced and groaned as she was made to swallow the men deep. Occasionally Jack and the employee held the webcam to film the incident from a range of interesting and intimate angles. Later, after the long, joint face-fucking of Misty, Jack went to work pumping his cock into her tight, undefended pussy after she told them to do whatever they wanted. It was an epic ravishment he gave his step-daughter: deep, hard and relentless. All his pent up anger toward her went into the act. Repeatedly he took her on her back and on her side. At the same time his employee kept her mouth stuffed with cock for his own satisfaction and to plug her outburst's of distress. Again her two attackers brought the webcam up close and personal for the event. Then they switched positions. The employee fucked Misty, and Jack made her suck his cock until she caused it to unleash a huge load of hot creamy cum that glazed half her face. Misty groaned in humiliation at this last defiling incident. But Jack showed her no sympathy. He took the view that the more she suffered, the sorrier she would be. When all was done, he and his employee calmly departed the scene, leaving Misty trapped and traumatized in her bonds. She never told anyone what had happened. Nor did she suspect her stepfather. Instead she went away to a Healing Retreat for a couple of months. When she came back, she was a changed woman. She got a regular job in a fast foot outlet, and never went near a webcam again. Ironically, that last show of hers had more viewers and made more money than all the others combined.

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