Damsel In Distress 289 - Dad I Heard A Noise

Released at: October 14, 2011 by Red MILF Productions
Kimmy and her parents were sound resting when Kimmy awoke to the sound of a door opening. She got scared and ran to her parent's room. Kimmy woke them up and her step-dad grabbed a tire iron and went to investigate the noise. Rachel consoled her step-daughter and invited her under the covers. Rachel was so tired she fell back to rest. She woke up several minutes later realizing her husband was not back. The bedroom door slowly opened and Rachel saw the crow bar and a hand. She thought it was her husband and asked him what the noise was. The door opened all the way and a masked man stood with the weapon in hand. Kimmy and Rachel screamed as he entered the room. He told them to do exactly what he said and no one would get hurt. Kimmy screamed for her step-dad but he did not answer. The man told Rachel to control her step-daughter. Rachel held her and told her to be quiet and do what he says. The man told Rachel to remove Kimmy's top. He pulled Rachel's nightgown down and remarked about her lovely tits. He made Kimmy suck them as he pulled Rachel by the hair. Kimmy was made to take off her bottoms. The man made Rachel lick Kimmy's pussy, he pushed her head in between her legs. The intruder made Kimmy lick her step-mom's pussy. He made Rachel say she liked it. He made Rachel put a strap-on on her thigh and made Kimmy ride it. Kimmy cried out as it went inside her, she was a VIRGIN! The man was turned on and he made Kimmy to her hands and knees taking her sweet virgin pussy. Rachel had to watch. He made Kimmy suck his cock. Rachel was made to suck him off with her step-daughter. The man bent Rachel over and fucked her from behind as Rachel was made to eat her step-daughter out. The man bent Kimmy over and fucked her, making her suck the cock on Rachel's leg. He came deep inside poor Kimmy as Rachel watched in horror. Where was step-dad! (Simulated intercourse)

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