Damsel In Distress 55 - School Tramp Gets Grabbed

Released at: May 6, 2020 by Red MILF Productions
Ember is in private school. She does not get to be around boys because her school is all girls. Ember has boyfriends she can see after school. She tells her step-mom she prefers to walk home instead of taking the bus. Her step-mom thinks that is fine. Ember really walks home so she can meet her male friends in the woods on the way home for sexual activity. Ember meets a different boy each day, giving blow jobs, hand jobs, and sometimes fucking them. She ties her blouse up to show her flat tummy. Ember is a huge tease. She arrives home in the afternoon while her step-mother is still at work. She enters the kitchen. There is a man standing right behind her, she walks by him not seeing his presence. He attacks her covering her mouth and bending her over the counter. He gags her and ties her up tight. She tries to free herself. He leaves her for a moment to look through the house. Ember struggles with all her might to get the ropes loose. He returns. He tells her he has been watching her suck cocks in the woods and now it is his turn. She is a slut and she should like to suck his cock too. He pulls the gag out of her mouth and puts his cock deep into her throat. Ember chokes and gags and he punishes her throat with his cock until he shoots a huge load of cum straight down her throat. Ember never swallows so this makes the experience that much worse. He pulls up his pants, checks to be sure the ropes are nice and tight and leaves her on the floor weeping.

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