Damsel In Distress 583 - Wunder Woman Made To Cum

Released at: November 14, 2020 by Red MILF Productions
Wunder Woman had received an anonymous message that there were innocent citizens being held in a remote location. She flew her invisible jet to a nearby clearing and advanced the rest of the way on foot. She reconnoitered the area without seeing a soul. She crept around a corner of a dilapidated building and was accosted from behind. A cloth was held over her mouth until she lost consciousness. She then found herself strung up by her wrists. Her tormenter pulled her costume down to expose her breasts. His hands roamed freely over them. She pleaded to be released. He took a vibrator and held on her crotch while he choked her. She tried to resist but to no avail. Each time she regained her strength he would put the cloth back over her mouth until she weakened. He made her orgasm repeatedly until she was so weak he cut her down. She thought that he was releasing her but he simply moved her to get better access to her pussy.

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