Damsel In Distress 619 - The Predators, Sara's Demise

Released at: November 28, 2020 by Red MILF Productions
Sara is driving home from work. She lives in a rural part of town and is busy driving down a dirt road. She is excited about the evening ahead. She has plans to go out to dinner with her boyfriend soon after arriving home. Suddenly, as she is thinking about the evening to come, the cars' engine begins to sputter ... then comes to a stop. She pulls over to the side of the dirt road. She exits the vehicle and pulls out her cell phone and stretches it out toward the heavens ... but is unable to receive a signal due to the remote location. Luckily for her, she is actually on the road that leads to her home and the house is less than a mile away. She decides that she is going to walk home. She locks up her car and starts off on her journey down the dirt road. As she walks down the road, she occasionally hears strange noises; rustling leaves and branches cracking. She gets the distinct impression that she is being watched. She stops a couple of times during her walk and peers into the woods but is never ever able to see a thing. She picks up the pace and gets home. She is nervous but unable to see anything. She writes it off to being over-reactive and walks up the steps and into her house. Sara starts getting ready for her date. She sits at the table in the kitchen and tries on jewelry. Little does she know that there are four men lurking outside her home. They watched her walk all the way home. Sara walks into her bedroom and sees the light flashing on her answering machine. She listens to the message and it turns out that it is her boyfriend letting her know he is going to be a couple hours late. She sighs with disappointment. The four men have already picked the lock and slipped quietly into the house. They heard the message and now knew they had plenty of time to have their way with her. She leaves the bedroom and walks into the living room. While she had been in the bedroom the intruders had placed a few toys; handcuffs, a gag and a dildo on her table. She stopped and exclaimed, what is this? She looked up and saw a group of masked men watching her from the hallway. She screamed and ran for the front door. The raced after her and grabbed her before she could get out of the house. They picked her up and carried her back into the living room. With hands cuffed behind her back she is put on her knees and all four men take turns fucking her face. She gags and chokes as they put their dicks deep into her throat. They each take a couple turns with her pretty mouth. They take off the cuffs and make her down on her back. One of the intruders slowly unzips her skin tight jeans and pulls them down her legs. With one quick jerk he rips the panties off her to expose her shaved pussy. He slides a finger into her pussy and pumps it. He leans over and licks her pussy getting it nice and wet for what is about to come. He signals to one of the other men to pass him the dildo. He runs it up and down her leg and then slides it into her vagina. He pumping away faster and faster. The men all take turns fucking her. She squirms from act. The last man then reaches down and grabs her by her ankles and flips her over onto her stomach. Sara looks up and sees the door on the other side of the living room and starts crawling towards the door. They grab her and drag her back. Each man grabs and ankle or wrist and spread her out. They shove several pillows under her to prop her ass up in the air. He slick pussy and asshole are pointing up at them just asking to be fucked. They each take a turn fucking her doggystyle while the others make sure she cannot get away. The last one pulls out and she thinks it is over. One of the men suggests they move. They pick her up and put her on her back on the couch. Still holding her legs spread wide open the men take turns penetrating her. They gag her to quiet her down. After all four of them have had her again they pick her up and carry her to her bedroom. She had nothing on but her heels and a gag. They lay her down on her bed. They lean her up against one of the men to keep her under control. The other men resume their fun with the glass dildo. They take turns fucking her with it. She cannot resist. Her pussy is slick with cum and lube. They start playing breath play games with her with a plastic bag. They have used her pussy so much that she is now responding to their ministrations. They would bring her to the peak of orgasm and then tighten the bag and cut off her air. They did this over and over again. Two of them mounted her again while she was on her back. Her legs were put over their shoulders and she was fucked hard while the others watched. The flipped her over and propped her up on pillows. Again her slippery pussy and asshole were begging to be fucked. Two men fucked her until they were ready to cum and shot their loads on her feet. She would get up naked and cum covered with her ass in the air.

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