Damsel In Distress 723 - Computer Geek Retaliates

Released at: January 5, 2021 by Red MILF Productions
Jessica was a up powered executive at her firm. She had the reputation of being a no nonsense hard assed manager. She expected everyone to respond instantly to her orders. She had sent her laptop to IT to get it updated and cleaned up. She made the IT guy bring it to her house. Jessica did not care if it was after working hours or out of his way. She started to look at her laptop to make sure he did everything she ordered. She continued to talk to him in a condescending manner. The technician was not bothered by her attitude. She would soon be having an attitude adjustment when she learned what evidence he had on her. He handed her a disc and told her it was a backup of her computer. He told her he a copy too just in case. He mentioned that there was a lot of personal information on her company owned laptop. She hesitated for a moment when she heard this. He told her he especially liked the porn videos she had shot. He said he kept a copy to jerk off to. He stood behind her and started massaging her shoulders. He told her that she needed to be careful because those kind of videos could end up on the internet. She told him that he needed to leave. He slid his hands down to her breasts and she started to struggle. He grabbed her arms and covered her mouth and told her to shut up. She found herself hogtied and gagged on her dining table. The tech wandered around the house, amazed at her wealth. He fixed himself a cold martini and wandered back into the dining room to check on her. He ran his hands over her body and unzipped her skirt. He pulled her panties down to her ankles. He pulled down her blouse and exposed her tits. He pussy, asshole and tits her now out on display for him. He rubbed his crotch and pulled out his cock. He scooted her to the edge of the table and pulled down her gag. He shoved his cock in her mouth. She knew she did not have any choice. He kept his cock pushed deep into her mouth. She was able to breathe. She had a lot of experience with cocks. She spent a good part of her climb up the corporate ladder under desks sucking cock or bent over them with a cock up her ass. She knew that she was going to have to get him off before he would leave. He was not going to let this bitch off with a simple blowjob. She told him that she would do whatever he wanted. He put the gag back in her mouth and untied her feet. He pulled her head over so it was hanging off the end of the table and pumped her face. He was ready to fuck. He spun her around and slammed his cock into her pussy. He pushed her legs back and pumped her good. When he felt that tingle he put her on her knees on the floor. He resumed fucking her face until he was ready to pop. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and told her to tell him that she wanted his load. She said it and he shot a load on her face and in her mouth. He told her to forget about reporting this to anyone. If she did not want all her videos to end up on the internet and the corporate server she had better keep quiet. He left her kneeling on her floor with cum dripping down her chin.

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