Damsel In Distress 730 - Wunder Woman Bred, The Aftermath

Released at: January 7, 2021 by Red MILF Productions
In Wunder Woman Bred, Alien Encounter, Wunder Woman has been successfully bred by an alien to create a small army of Amazon-Alien people. After giving her another powerful drug that will erase her memory of recent events, Wunder Woman is transported is transported to a makeshift hospital. Wunder Woman begins to get up. Her vision is blurred. At first she sees the alien that bred her standing at the foot of her bed. As her vision clears it is a man that she has never seen before. He asks her how she is feeling. He welcomes her back. She is weak, barely able to speak, from the paralyzing formula she was given. The man introduces himself as the doctor who is responsible for her infringement. He stands over her, gloating over her, enjoying her helpless condition, running his hands up along her muscular legs, He continues to explain that she was part of his experiment, that she was bred for several hours and how she spawned several alien-Amazonian hybrids. Although she was only out for several hours, the incubation period for the mutated aliens only takes a few days instead of the normal 9 months that it would take for a human giving birth to several alien hybrids. He told her that he used one of his most potent aliens to breed her and he was happy to do the job. Wunder Woman tells him that he will pay for his crimes. The evil doctor tells Wunder Woman that he used one of his most potent aliens to breed her and he was happy to do the job. Wunder Woman tells him that he will pay for his crimes. She tries to rise from the table but is only able to clench her hands. The evil doctor is not concerned since he is done using her as breeding stock. He has other ideas before sending her back home. He takes advantage of Wunder Woman once more, wanting to get some pleasure from her. He walks to the head of the medical table and taunts Wunder Woman some more. She knows what is about to come next, as the man positions himself next to her head and unzips his pants. Wunder Woman tries to resist but is still unable to fight back. She has no choice but to suck his cock. She thought that the humiliation could not get any worse until the evil doctor announced that he was going to get what the alien got. He spun her helpless body around on the bed and entered her pussy. He fucked her while she told him that he was a disgusting fiend. She could barely move her arms so she could not resist. When he was ready to explode the final humiliation was for him to squirt his evil load into her mouth. She choked and coughed as the sperm dripped out of her mouth. Satisfied, he reaches down below the table and picks the gas mask. Wunder Woman looks at it with wide eyes. The evil doctor explains that it is a special gas that will erase her memory of her recent alien encounter, and that she will forget she was ever taken and bred, and that she will get up and only think it was just a bad dream. He man slowly puts the gas mask over Wunder Woman's face and turns the gas on. She fights it but she never stands a chance. He has her placed in a wheelchair. He rolls her down the hall and out the back of the building to an awaiting vehicle. She is moved into the back seat and is transported to Diana Prince's house.

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