Damsel In Distress 741 - Denial

Released at: January 9, 2021 by Red MILF Productions
Stacie was happy to report to her sister Rachel the news of her son's release from the mental facility. He had been sent there for a year's evaluation for sexually assaulting his other. After passing the psychiatric exams he returned home. Stacie loved him very much. He was her only son. His dad passed away when he was born so it was just the two of them. Rachel however did not trust his condition at all. She thought it was too soon for him to be allowed out. Stacie tried to convince Rachel that he was fine. Rachel simply went along to stay on good terms with her sister. Stacie invited herself and Jeremy over for the weekend. Rachel did not want him to come. They arrived and Rachel sat down with them. She looked over Jeremy carefully, getting very strange feelings from him. he sat quiet, no eye contact and very removed. Rachel was quite disturbed by his odd behavior and the fact that her sister was in complete denial. They had drinks, then dinner. Then an evening of movies while they sipped martinis. Rachel finally noticed the time and went off to bed. Later that morning, Jeremy snuck into Aunt Rachel's bedroom. He did not like the way she had been staring at him. It reminded him of the doctors, always under the microscope! He crawled up on her bed and placed a knife at her throat. Rachel woke and jumped back. He told her to be quiet and to do what he said. Rachel knew it, but it was too late. She told him that everything would be fine and to relax. He pulled down her top to expose her large breasts. He began to fondle her tits and crotch. He removed her nightgown and her panties. He fucked his Aunt Rachel while she begged him to stop. When he was satisfied he grabbed a piece of plastic packing material and smothered Aunt Rachel until she stopped moving. Next was his mother. He woke her and demanded she walk into Rachel's room. Stacie saw Rachel on the bed not moving and asked him what was going on. He showed her the knife and ordered her to lay next to Rachel. He fucked his mother hard. Stacie was in shock that this was happening to her again. She pleaded with him to stop. Jeremy pumped her harder. He came deep inside her then wanted her to be quiet. He put the plastic over her face until she too stopped moving. He left them sprawled out on the bed to get up later.

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