Damsel In Distress 744 - Co-dependent

Released at: January 10, 2021 by Red MILF Productions
Grace and Rachel lived together. Rachel was single and happy about that. Grace however felt the need to have a man in her life at all times. She had been dating an older man for 6 months and got tired of him. She went through men like she changed her panties. Grace invited the man over to break it off with him. Rachel stayed to be sure it went smoothly. The man did not take the news well. He acted like they were a couple that had been together for years. He left threatening them under his breath. Rachel had warned Grace about her dating and bringing men to the house. A few days passed and Grace had not heard from him. She thought it was over. The man was obsessed with Grace. He spent hours looking at her photos, plotting a way to get her back. He realized that he was not going to be able to wait for her to come back. He knew she wanted him to convince her that they were meant to be together. He went back to her house when he knew they were both resting. He tried to enter glass doors and then he remembered he had a key. He was able to unlock the glass doors leading to the bathroom where Grace just happened to be showering. He grabbed her, covering her mouth. Rachel was heading out for work and yelled out to Grace saying goodbye. The man told Grace to say goodbye to Rachel. He stood her in front of the mirror and fondled her wet naked body. She grimaced and told him that he made her sick. He led her out of the bathroom and brought her to her knees. He tied her hands behind her back and gagged her. He left to go find her roommate. Rachel was in the kitchen making a list when the man grabbed her from behind. He struggled with her until he had her on the floor. He stripped her down to her underwear and drug her body into the room where he had Grace. He tied and gagged her too and pushed her on the floor next to Grace. The man gave them both a lecture and he let them know it was not over! He took his pants off as he told Grace how he had taken care of her. Rachel realized that this was not going to go well. He told Grace that it would be like the old days. He reminded her how she liked to suck his cock. He pulled gag down and shoved his cock into her mouth. Rachel tried to crawl away while he was distracted but he grabbed her by the hair. He decided to punish Rachel. He pulled her gag down and shoved his cock into her mouth too. He pushed Grace down onto her back and spread her legs. He ordered Rachel to suck and lick Grace's tits and pussy. She told him to do whatever he was going to do and get the hell out of there. He fucked Rachel from behind while he went down on Grace. He fucked Grace as well. Both of them were told to suck his cock. The man was satisfied and he blew his load on their faces. He took his time leaving, reminding Grace that he was still her boyfriend. He stood up and dressed. As he left the room he told Grace that he would call her.

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