Damsel In Distress 846 - Haunted House

Released at: February 4, 2021 by Red MILF Productions
This video is more intrigue than our usual damsel in distress videos. The Steeles were a perfect family: Rachel was an elegant, beautiful mom, Mike a good-humored father, and Brad a clean-cut son with a promising future. These three, growing weary of the bustle of New York, decided to move to a quiet house in the country. Although there were rumors that the place may be haunted or possessed, the Steeles dismissed them as nonsense. They all fell in love with their new home the moment they saw it. The place was enormous, had great facilities, a lovely view of the lake and a soothing aura of solitude. Inside the house, however, there were a few strange things. On one wall was a large painting of a sexy brunette in a red dress. Rachel and her son both noticed it and felt it bore an uncanny likeness to Rachel when - during her naughtier days - she had been an exotic dancer. In one of the spare rooms there was also an oddly arranged black coverall and white hockey mask on the wall. It gave Rachel a serious scare when she saw it. For a moment, with its eerie, scarecrow like crucifixion pose, it had seemed alive to her. Those things were nevertheless forgotten about when the Steeles turned their attention back to unpacking. Over the next several days, all was going great for the family. They were all infected with happiness and optimism, and dad was once in such a frisky spirit that he opted for some spontaneous love-making with his beautiful wife on the bedroom sofa. Then, with no seeming reason, everything seemed to go sour. Dad's mood changed overnight. He became sullen and withdrawn. When Rachel approached him about making-love again, he rejected her brusquely and hurled such uncharacteristic obscenities at the woman that she was deeply shocked. Trying to make sense of what had happened while she lay in bed scantily clad in a sexy black slip, a figure came in wearing the overalls and mask she had seen in one of the rooms. Rachel jumped a little, but then decided that it must be a bizarre prank by her husband. She played along with the figure despite its silence, and she even allowed it to come into her bed where it gave her a quick, hard fucking. Little did she know that her husband was resting on the couch downstairs the whole time. During the days that followed, even stranger things started to happen. With dad off doing his own thing, Rachel and her son Brad were in the kitchen preparing their breakfasts. Brad had always admired his lovely, well-dressed mother, but when he suddenly had a vision of her wearing nothing but lingerie - every curve of her great body evidenced before him - he did not know what to do. That image her was deeply potent to him. Even after Rachel's voice had called him out of the dream-like episode, he still felt dizzy and lost. He had no idea what was going on. The same thing then happened later - only even more graphic. Returning from a day out, Brad entered the living room to see his mother stripped down to some seductive black lingerie and eyeing him invitingly as she fondled her huge, lovely breasts and rubbed her pussy through the crotch of her panties. It was an insanely hot scene for the young man to witness, and - just as before - it suddenly disappeared to reveal itself as an illusion. His mother was really there, but she was dressed appropriately and behaving in the innocent way she always had. Brad by now felt painfully flustered. Needing to catch a breather, he told his mother he was going upstairs. Later, when Rachel was heading to her own room, she passed that of her son. Looking through the gap in his door, she caught a sight that took her breath away. There Brad was, sitting naked in his chair, beating off his big, stiff cock to a porno-mag. As if in a trance - as if possessed - Rachel found herself walking into the room to join him. She then began undressing while her son watched her hungrily. Both of them were so corrupted by the house's strange power that they could not even question their actions. Filled with a ferocious lust, they met on the bed and started to kiss. Their tongues connected and swirled around each other; their hands carried out a mutual exploration. From there on it was a passionate unraveling of forbidden desire. Rachel uttered dirty words she had never once spoken before. She begged her son to take her - told him it was her ultimate fantasy to be fucked by him. Together they did everything. Brad sucked and played with his mother's perfect, big tits, and Rachel in turn gave her son a long, loving blowjob. She looked a fantastic sight sprawled out for him, her body on full display save for the remnants of her sexy black lingerie. Her face was contorted with pleasure as she got on her knees and moaned to every sweet stroke of her son's cock as he took her deep and hard in the doggy position. At last, with the night almost gone, she lay down for him and let him shoot his long-awaited, scalding cum all over her pretty face. Afterwards, thoroughly satisfied and fucked out, the two possessed, taboo lovers rested in each other's arms. Yet, the wickedness of the house was not yet done. Into the bedroom came her husband. His eyes were vacant, and in his hand was a gun. Turning to face his wife and their son, he blazed several shots. There were brief screams, then nothing. Mike walked slowly away. The perfection of the Steeles was in tatters. The strange house had claimed another share of victims.

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