Damsel In Distress 877 - Burglars Get Big Titted Bonus

Released at: February 12, 2021 by Red MILF Productions
Two burglars decided to rob a house that they thought would be empty for a week. After phoning its number to make sure no one was there to answer, they quietly entered their way in and made a plan about taking all the valuables they could. What they did not know was that a sexy blonde house-sitter called Grace had been sunbathing topless on the patio at the time the robbers had placed their call. Coming back into the house with nothing but a towel wrapped around her big breasts, she had no idea of the danger she faced. Grace was a rather pleasant surprise for the first burglar who saw her. As she walked unsuspectingly across the room, he sneaked up from behind and tried to grab her. The startled woman reacted fast enough to leave him clutching just the towel. In just her panties and heels, she fled screaming across the room. But Grace could not slip through the door before the burglar was upon her again. This time, the burly brute swept her up in both his arms and lifted clear off the ground - the woman's legs kicking futilely as she called for help. The big, naked breasts of the frightened blonde heaved up and down with her panicked breathing as she felt a strong hand clamp over her mouth and a harsh voice warn her to be quiet. At that moment the other burglar came in to see what all the noise was about. Being the leader among the two, he told his fellow criminal to tie Grace up and put her someplace out the way. Later, when the two burglars checked on Grace in one of the bedrooms, the leader was dismayed to see her panties had been removed. The blonde now lay stark naked on the bed with her mouth gagged and her wrists and ankles bound. Here the two men had a difference of opinion. The one who had gotten Grace thought she was too hot not to fuck; the leader wanted them to concentrate only on the loot. He eventually convinced his buddy to carrying on searching the house. But it was not a reprieve for Grace. The lead burglar had come to desire her for himself. Now that he was alone, he went over to the distressed woman, removed her gag, and made her suck his cock. She told him that she just wanted to leave. He and his partner could do whatever they wanted to her, they just had to let her go afterwards. He then put the gag back in place, untied Grace's ankle bindings, and finger-fucked her hot tight pussy while she whimpered helplessly. When he had her moist and ready, the lead burglar shoved his cock into her and fucked her missionary position.

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