Damsels Bound 5

Released at: March 10, 2012 by EroticDistress
Hooker in Peril: Molly Winters plays a hooker that ends up in the hands of a bondage pervert. False Arrest: Stripper Talia Monet thought she was being arrested, but realized her error when the cop started binding and gagging her. French Maid's Torment: C.J. Sullivan looks great in a French maid uniform, fishnet stockings and boots. And she looks even better bound, gagged and finally, coaxed into an orgasm. Double Trouble: Anna and Amy wake up bound and gagged in bed together. Will they escape? Lingerie Bondage: Natalie Minx is bound and gagged in two positions while clad in sexy lingerie. Fetish B&D: Exotic Skythe Darke is tied up in several positions with some inventive gags.

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