Darcy Tyler Loves Cameron Foster

Released at: May 3, 2018 by She Loves Her Man
Darcy Tyler loves her men smart, cute, and buff. Cameron Foster is a cute, collegiate, frat guy type. This 21-year-old from Arizona lifts weights pretty much every day and it shows. His upper body is a work of art, with wide shoulders, huge pecs and bulging biceps. Darcy Tyler wastes no time getting Cameron shirtless and pants-less. She gets him hard through his underwear, then pulls out his boner for a good oral once over. Cameron turns around and gives Darcy an oral treat. With her cha cha nice and wet, Cameron teases it with the head of his cock before plowing in. Then it's off to the races with Cameron and Darcy fucking in every position you can imagine. Ending up in missionary, Cameron Foster pulls out and shoots his splooge on Darcy's belly. Darcy Tyler has a taste before he bends over for a kiss.

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