Darling Diaries, The

Released at: March 29, 2009 by Bondage Maidens
Again, we've gotten email after email, requesting some of the most outstanding scenes we have with Darling, and finally, we've answered your prayers! Loads of our most classic Darling footage is included here on this release "The Darling Diaries." Classic flogging and whipping from "Deconstructing Darling," to hardcore spanking first seen in "Spanks for The Memories," to inverted suspension and pussy tease from "The Bondage Chronicles 1" and "Lessons In Obedience." Watch as she squirms and strains under the attentions of Warlock's whip and cane, the marks of abject submission glowing red as she is taught to surrender every inch of herself to the pleasure completely. It's all here in one film for you to enjoy, and don't worry, there's plenty more Darling coming your way!

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