Death By Ass

Released at: July 11, 2014 by Joan Wise Productions
Newcomer Chaz Vincent is not only great to look at but truly knows how to treat a guy who has done her wrong. Ricardo is confident, is in the best shape of his life, but beautiful, powerful Chaz will make him "regret the error of his ways." The new lady in town is strong, aggressive, mean, and can surely wrestle and fight as she punishes her hated male tormenter. Chaz uses all of her favorite weapons as she applies full-nelson body-scissors, head scissors, arm bars, hammerlocks, and schoolboy pins to weaken and hurt Ricardo. The turn-on lady is so dominant and evil, and is as gleeful as she works, she next kicks, stands on, jumps on, tramples, and put her feet in his face as the beating continues. Ricardo's cries of surrender and submission are to no avail as Chaz's powerful legs engulf and devour him. The victorious lady next tortures her victim's private parts and proves she loves to facesit. Sitting in sexy underwear, and then nude, she rubs, grinds, and pumps her magnificent ass all over Ricardo's battered face and head. Ricardo is actually crying as he pleads not only for his freedom but for his life, as his nude body is close to expiring. Just when you think Ricardo can take no further punishment the hunty Chaz steps up the attack. She tortures her poor victim with devastating neck and head scissors, and almost puts him away for good as she sits for all she's worth. Some of the very best facesitting you'll ever see as she destroys his face with her great ass.

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