Decadent Divas

Released at: September 10, 1999 by Feline Films
An all star cast of 9 hot gorgeous chicks in spectacular fetish garb doing wild and kinky things. A successful fashion photographer and filmmaker receives an urgent call from potential money people to find a number of gorgeous, hot models for a new project and he needs them ASAP! He gets on the phone to his sexy brunette assistant Petra to round up a group of today's most glamorous, hottest and wildest models. Watch 9 sensational sexstars in all sorts of incredible kinky fetish clothing tease, pose and have one spectacular sex scene after another. Girl/girl stairwell orgies, D.P.'s, dildo butt fucking, threesomes, foursomes, shaving, ass licking, fingering and more! 9 of today's hottest models makes for a sure fire winner.

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Scene1: 00:06:49 - 00:22:39 (15:50)

Scene2: 00:25:37 - 00:39:23 (13:46)

Scene3: 00:41:28 - 00:54:15 (12:47)

Scene4: 00:56:17 - 01:13:46 (17:29)