Denni O's Amateur Sluts & Real Swingers 3: Bizarre Penetrations

Released at: January 1, 2004 by Sticky Video
Denni O brings you the nastiest, most extreme penetration videos ever shot! This series, featuring more than one dozen different unusual penetrations, starts with an oozing, cum-filled asshole and progresses to actual hole fucking with several massive cock-loads dripping from a cum-filled bladder. Watch some of the most amazing orifice stretch jobs ever filmed, including a cervical penetration scene so clear that it must be seen! Of course, no film featuring Denni O and Amazing Ty would be complete without lots of pussy and ass-ripping monster dildo fucking, often two at a time - including a new pump-up pussy stretcher and a huge, clear dong. Enjoy deep gyno spread shots as you see navels from the inside out! Lots of cunt stretching, cum-oozing, 4-hole action!

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