Denni O's Amateur Sluts & Real Swingers 5: Net Nookie

Released at: January 1, 2004 by Sticky Video
Included in this video is: actual recordings of live internet shows, hot orgasmic girl-on-girl action with big toys, double penetrations and anal sex, live big dick interracial action, and huge, gaping, squirting pussies. Denni O loves to give away free live sex shows to members of her website because she really gets off on knowing that while she is showing off in front of her web cam, there are maybe 40-50 guys jerking off along with her live, as it is happening. On most Saturdays you can find her doing extremely nasty things for lots of men and occasionally for women. Whenever Denni and a swinger-friend are making videos, they like to take time out to put on a show for her fans. She's captured a few of those shows here for you on this video. These are actual live internet shows and are not staged, recorded by Denni O and her real swinger friends. The first scene has Denni pumping some big, fat, rubber dicks into and out of her pussy. She cums and gets a hot shot of cum squirted on her cavernous hole. The next scene pits Denni O against the sexy and sultry Jasmine with their usual box of large-sized tricks. The girls work ever larger toys into all their hot holes and have so many squirting orgasms that the cameraman needs galoshes. The girls are experts at showing off their gaping holes for the camera. Peter Iron drops by for a nasty 3-way show. The girls take turns sucking him hard before Amazing Ty climbs on top of his black tower and rides. Then they suck the juices off his cock before Denni takes her turn. Peter shoves a monster dildo into Amazing Ty and follows it with his big dick for an awesome DP.

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