Desperate To Pee

Released at: January 7, 2021 by Aubrey Naughty's Wild World
Naughty Girl Aubrey is so desperate to urinate, she has been holding it for 2 hrs already! The naughty slut is being punished, only this time the punishment is not being allowed to go to the potty. Here is a little secret, sassy Aubrey drinks a ton of water all day long which means she needs to urinate a lot. This little urinate slut is standing there in her tight light jeans and green form fitting tank top, in quite the predicament. Doing the urinate dance and squirming all around. Needing to urinate but knowing that she is not allowed to. Watch her fidget around saying that she does not know how long that she can hold it. Begging and fretting, that the little piss slut might urinate herself. She is tip toeing around while trying to squeeze her legs together trying super hard not to go potty on herself. Naughty Aubrey begs and pleads to be allowed to use the bathroom to no avail. All this pleading appears to fall on deaf ears. She uses her hands to try to put pressure against her aching twat to keep from urinating herself. She even plays with her hair a little bit trying to distract her from the strong urge to piss. After what seems like an eternity of begging to use the bathroom, Aubrey just cannot hold it any longer. You see her standing there in her tight jeans until she says she is starting to urinate herself and then you begin to see her crotch start to become darkened color from her bladder letting loose. You can watch the piss run down her inner thighs and soak her jeans until it starts spilling onto the floor. Aubrey even turns around so that you can see how wet her ass is and how it ran down the back of her pants. She is so embarrassed. She mentions how big of a mess she just made. At this point, she gently removes her soaked jeans, showing you what a pissy little whore she is. You get a close-up of how wet her pretty blue panties are front and back. But see Aubrey did not want to empty her bladder, she was trying to hold it. So, the naughty slut changes into some dry panties but still needs to urinate. She is now sitting on a little wooden stool. Watch as this little piss slut squirms and bounces around. Listen to her trying to distract herself with other thoughts while she continues to beg to be allowed to go to the bathroom. She even resorts to singing about having to go urinate. Begging and pleading! You can hear the desperation in her voice and see it in her face as she holds herself while squirming and twitching and crossing her legs. Aubrey tries to convince you to let her go urinate saying how the bathroom is right there and she will be really quick. Finally, she cannot hold it any longer and starts to urinate herself. Aubrey is made to stand on a small wooden stool and balance while she urinates through her bright green panties into a cup. Unfortunately, she makes a bigger mess because most of the piss misses the cup and ends up on the floor. But she is so relieved to finally be able to empty her bladder. You can watch her play with herself a little to help her finish emptying her bladder. What a relief.

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