Detention Day

Released at: June 25, 2014 by Girls-Boarding-School
We've seen the sign on the door ? "Detention Day! Do Not Enter Clothed." When Jodie approaches the door she seems a bit taken aback. But she immediately begins to completely disrobe, leaving her clothes on a bench on the patio. She rings the doorbell and the Headmaster answers, flinging her against the nearest wall. He leaves and returns with a list of her transgressions, including an encounter with the local police. Even Jodie agrees she deserves a punishment, maybe even a caning. She assumes the position over a chest of drawers. The Headmaster begins the caning, leaving long, red marks on her bottom. When finished, he leaves Jodie standing against the wall, arms over her head. Detention Day has begun and it is only 9 am.

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