Deviant Doctor #1

Released at: June 12, 1998 by Digital Playground
Low Rider Films introduces the first in its "Deviant Sex Doctor" series. In this breakthrough video the Doctor (Patricia Kennedy) discovers that the squalid stories her clients tell her are so hot that she can't keep her hands off herself. The doctor's first patient is a blind man who gives his "ex", (Nikki Sinn), a back door ride that has her begging for more. But, before he leaves he drops a copious shot from his flesh tone cane that nearly blinds her. The doctor's second patient is nympho dominatrix, (Side Duece), who has men satisfy her before she finally loses it all and allows the slave to have her any way he wants. Watch as this nympho-bitch's eyes roll into the back of her head, from the incessant slamming from his slick missile. A horny nymphette, (Kim Kataine), is seduced by her parents' friend in the next wild scene where she finally coaxes forth a gallon from his frosty wand and coats her face with the creamy nectar. A sex-crazed housewife, (Channone), is the doctor's next patient. She is under the doctor's care because she can't keep from sticking her fingers inside herself. We find her in a hot masturbation shower scene, where she is later joined by her husband who in turn gives her a multitude of rides on his galloping pony. The Doc has one more story to tell but, this suprise is one that only she and her secretary, (Jill Kelly), can let you in on.

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