Devotion. 2

Released at: March 24, 2020 by Dane Jones
Lady Dee relaxes in her new lingerie as Steve looks on. The sight of the brunette goddess touching herself excites Steve greatly, and he pulls down his pants to show her. Is there anything sexier than a tight Latina like Penelope Cum in a tiny black dress? Not in Matty's opinion, as he sits on the couch across from her smoking body. The electricity in the air is palpable as the lovers make out, and Matty can't keep his hands off Penelope. What woman doesn't love to come home to a bouquet of beautiful flowers? Max has been working hard to provide for his lover Tera Link, and brings her roses as a sign of how much he appreciates having the redheaded beauty in his life. Max expressed his love, so Tera decides to do the same. Vicky Love is relaxing at home and waiting for Max, feeling sexy in her sleek black heels. She decides to entertain herself while anticipating his arrival. Max joins to please her further. Studious Afghan babe Yasmeena is reading quietly when Max enters the room in a playful mood. She smiles at her lover, but her studies come first, so she returns to her book. Soon enough Max is tickling Yasmeena, and the playfulness leads to some sensual kissing.

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Scene1: 00:00:16 - 00:21:18 (21:02)


Lady Dee

Scene2: 00:21:21 - 00:45:19 (23:58)

Scene3: 00:45:21 - 01:08:03 (22:42)


Tera Link

Scene4: 01:08:05 - 02:03:23 (55:18)


Vicky Love