Dial F For Fantasy

Released at: January 16, 2022 by Alpha Blue Archives
Having perfected the power of masturbatory mind over meaty matter, video date mates Annette and Marie give their many male customers much more than they had bargained for. Whether they are providing an older man with two young playthings: giving a young boy a spicy taste of an older woman lust; giving a pair of buddies the chance to share a living doll having a frustrated male seduced by a luscious lass in sexy lingerie, placing a daring young man at the end of a horny toreadors lance, or subjecting a macho male to a lesson in humility. Annette and Marie never tail to risé to the occasion. And, when the occasion calls for it, to virtually melt the screen in each other's arms "Dial F For Fantasy" is a virtual cornucopia of feverish fornication!

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