Diary Of Beautiful Girl - Marina Yabuki

Released at: April 28, 2005 by AVBox, Inc.
This is a surprisingly good fuck film. The girl featured from this movie is Marina Yabuki and she has a very pure looking innocent face with slim slender body. From the first scene, she's shown in a P.E uniform on (white shirt, tight butt hugger shorts) and her teacher (male) comes jumping into the scene. Then, she screams out "no teacher" but he comes closer and closer as he removes her clothes and begins to eat her out. Then, she gets totally involved as they both eat each other out in 69. They do this for awhile as they twirl around with each other. Then, he pulls out his cock from her mouth and pounds her in several positions and cums on her chest. Besides this scene, there are other cool scenes in this movie you must watch. It has really funny scenes along with the great fucking!

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