Die Sex-Beraterin 3

Released at: January 26, 2022 by Magma
Everyone thinks about it, wants and needs it: sex! But sometimes things get stuck in the relationship. That's where Dacada, the sex counselor, comes in! Melina and Bobby are bored. There is no hunger for pleasure! How about a live buffet? Fresh fruits on bare skin wet their appetite for more! Too little going on in Ecki's mechanic dungarees? Dacada knows the right adjustment screws. As soon as Dacada rubs his cock, Ecki switches to turbo fuck gear. Melli and Danny have many fantasies - but don't implement them. Dacada takes over the direction. Curtains up for a horny nurse roleplay! Boris has a foot fetish, his Eva has the right feet for it, but she wants more than just with im to pamper his feet. Dacada joins in and in no time the two get going Maria needs new experiences., with women! Dacada gives that to the lady with a wild licking, suitable introductory course. Hrny pleasure therapy at its finest!

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Scene3: 00:37:47 - 00:57:18 (19:31)

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Boris, Eva, DaCada

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Maria, DaCada