Die Sextherapeutin 7

Released at: November 16, 2023 by Erotic Planet
The successful finance and real estate agent Diether von Stein is looking for our busty sex expert, Dr. Lotterbett, because he only has problems with women. On the street, he picks up cheap hussies who quickly juice him up in dark alleys or hallways. His extremely fat but equally weak-character partner Martina cheats on him with his business partner Horst. He promises marriage to his busty, blonde, and sweet-smelling secretary, Silvia, even before the first fuck. Also from his side, he can't keep his hands off the attractive, private nurse Jasmine, who has to jerk him off three times a week because of his constant erections. You can see in this very erotic film how and why our hot, charming heroine initially drives her cock-controlled patient, who obviously can't say "no", into sexual madness and ultimately wins him over as a long-term patient! Have fun with ~~Die Sextherapeutin 7~~!

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