Dirty Debutantes #221

Released at: October 17, 2002 by Ed Powers Productions
It's like a "Dirty Debutante" parade of beauty, charm and charisma! Each girl is unique in her own way. From shy to bold and it's all real! You'll meet lovely, Nico, Buffy, Vivian and Loni as they explore their first on camera sex scene. Each volume makes me feel luckier and luckier to be the guy sharing the experience not only with the girls but with you too! You'll also meet Tristin Scott, very camera shy but willing to touch herself for you ... DD221 is here! Please enjoy! Love, Ed Powers

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Scene1: 00:01:32 - 00:31:52 (30:20)

Scene2: 00:31:53 - 01:10:01 (38:08)

Scene3: 01:10:02 - 01:33:13 (23:11)

Scene4: 01:33:14 - 02:10:00 (36:46)