Dirty Dirty Debutantes #9

Released at: September 30, 2002 by Ed Powers Productions
Lovely Ursula is a big star in Europe, a friend of Ed's, and here she's just the Hungarian girl next door. Ed, Jake and Tony Eveready make her feel right at home, hungry but satisfied. Joining in on the fun is lovely Roxy. She goes from Ed to Tony, then to Jake. Reminds you of a bear fairytale: Ed's weenie is too hot, Tony's might be too cold, and Jake's is just right! Alicia Charmee told her husband she'd only do a solo masturbation, and we love those who keep their word. With her mind filled with hot fantasies she shares with us a moment only her husband has seen. We love when women do that! We'll meet 2 new lovelies, Dina and Monique, whom our faceless fan met in Europe. Silk experiences her first D.P. with lucky Jake and Paul Cox. Wow! ** Dirty Dirty Debutantes #9** delivers a variety along with the goods! Enjoy!

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