Dirty Dishes Spanking

Released at: July 2, 2004 by Scorched
  • Studio: Scorched
  • Duration: 00:30:00
  • Production year: 2004
  • Scene count: 2
  • Cast:
Having not met the high standards of her employer, this lazy waitress is about to be punished. But she's not going to be fired; she's going to be spanked! Her employer comes into the kitchen, pulls up her skirt, and then spanks her! Not satisfied, she makes the girl undress and then lay over her knees, where she receives further humiliating spankings. Later, she is bound in a kneeling position and the boss uses a dildo to humiliate the girl with some anal play!

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Scene1: 00:00:00 - 00:14:14 (14:14)

Scene2: 00:14:15 - 00:30:21 (16:06)